Project Overview

In addition to Lee County’s transportation improvement projects, the Florida
Department of Transportation completed improvements to the I-75 Corkscrew
interchange in 2021.  There are also multiple private developments in various stages of planning and construction along the Corkscrew corridor. The Lee County School District and the Village of Estero currently have facilities located within the corridor, along with Pinewoods Elementary School and Estero Fire Station No. 44.

Project Goals
  • To construct a four- and six-lane roadway from Ben Hill Griffin Boulevard to Alico Road
  • Construct the Phase 1 roadway within the County’s existing right-of-way.
  • To consider upcoming public transportation and utility improvements and private development in the corridor and fully integrate those with the project.
  • Maximize opportunities to provide accommodations for pedestrian and bicycle users.

Corkscrew Road Newsletter – Phase 1

Corkscrew Road Typical Sections – Phase 1

Corkscrew Road East section – Phase 1

Corkscrew Road West section – Phase 1