The project is being proposed in multiple phases to expedite construction (see phasing exhibit for phase limits). The initial phase, Phase 1 – from BHG to Bella Terra, was previously permitted and right-of-way acquired and can be made “construction ready” quicker than Phase 2 to the east. Phase 2 still has significant permitting and right-of-way acquisition efforts that require additional time.

Phase 1 construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2021. The Phase 2 construction schedule is TBD given the permitting and right-of-way acquisition efforts needed.

As part of the design various alternative intersection concepts, including roundabouts, will be evaluated. The appropriate intersection control at each intersection will be determined based on safety, operational efficiency and cost.

Existing signals will remain and a new signal will be constructed at Alico Road which is in Phase 2.

There will be 4’ bike lanes on both sides of the roadway. The Village of Estero is planning to incorporate 10-foot-wide pathways on both sides for the entire limits within the Village boundaries, Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to the east side of Grandezza, on the north side and from Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to the east side of Bella Terra on the south side. The Village Council will determine the details for the pathway, lighting and landscaping. This work will likely occur after the roadway work is complete as it will require easements and permitting.

In Phase 2, from Bella Terra to Alico Road, Lee County will install core-level landscaping and street lighting. A 10-foot-wide shared-use path will be constructed on the south side of the roadway and a 6-foot-wide sidewalk on the north side of the roadway.

The EEPCO study analyzed the short-term improvements necessitated by several specific proposed developments. From that study a proportionate share agreement was reached requiring those developers to contribute their fair share to the proposed improvements. While these improvements are incorporated as part of this project the County is also evaluating long term needs of the corridor. Design for the current improvements are based on a design horizon year of 2045.

As part of the design the County will be doing a detailed Access Management analysis for the corridor. Not all developments and sideroads can be provided full access and/or signalization. Proposed access and signalization will be based on safety and operational efficiency of the entire corridor.

The I-75 interchange is under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). FDOT has interim improvements for the interchange and construction is expected to be complete in early summer 2021.